Natural Elements

Bark from a fallen tree, twigs, leaves, and other natural materials frame the prints of my paintings of the flora and fauna near my Blue Ridge Mountain home. Each piece has been lovingly hand-crafted bringing the energy of nature into your home. The materials have been carefully gathered with nothing harmed in the process. Nothing is wasted—whatever is not used in the work, is placed on my garden for mulch.

The images are printed on water-proof canvas, and if kept out of direct sunlight will stay beautiful for many years. They are mounted onto a piece of 1/2” wood , and all Natural Elements pieces are framed with treebark around the edges.

Below are examples of finished 6×8”, 8×10”, and 11×14” sizes

These sizes are edged with tree bark, and feature mats made of hand-made papers and are further enhanced with natural materials,
such as: pinecones, acorns, pressed leaves, and grasses. Please note that each piece is one-of-a-kind, and will vary somewhat from the examples

Below are examples of the 4×4”, 4×5”, 5×5”, and 5×6” sizes. They are edged with tree bark, and framed with twigs.
My sturdy, hand-crafted twig easels give you the option of displaying them on a table. Small stands aprox 7” tall and holds a 4×4 and 4×5 piece. Medium holds a 5×5”, 5×6, and 6×8 piece and stands approx 9” tall. Large holds an 8×8, 8×10 piece and stands 11” tall.

Select your Natural Elements piece from the images below and choose a size